Why Zambia?

Our founders, Derek and Fiona

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Meet our founders, Derek and Fiona...

The organisation now known as Umutima started life as Friend of EduSport, after a young Scottish couple, Derek Keir and Fiona Campbell, visited Lusaka, Zambia, in 2006 on a 'sport for development' trip.

That summer, they met a number of inspiring individuals who were working their magic in the communities of Lusaka. The country and the people made an enormous impact on them.


Once they had returned home to sunny Scotland, they began to undertake small-scale fundraising amongst their friends and relatives, in order to help them contribute to the school fees of some of the peer leaders they had met.


Since that time, we've grown from strength to strength as a charity, and are proud to have built an international network of supporters -  but charity begins at home, and we're still working in close partnership with those special people that Derek and Fiona met all those years ago...

Derek & Fiona first visit EduSport Zambia


Friend of EduSport gained registered UK charity status. Partnering with EduSport Zambia, we sponsor 11 peer leaders


Peer leader sponsorship grows, and extended to fund 4 Dare2Dream career development loans & 2 community co-ordinators.

Partner with Bauleni United Sports Academy


Introduction of the Library project, delivering 17,500 books to Lusaka


We established 12 school community libraries


Another shipment of over 20,000 books


Name change to Umutima ratified


Kilimanjaro fundraisers raise over £20,000 for our education project. Support for Kalingalinga netball team started

Begin support of Bauleni United Sports Academy Education Build

Another year supporting our peer leaders, and continued support for our netball teams!
​Bauleni Sports Center Opens!

We look forward to celebrating 10 Years since our formation! Look out for what we are up to!

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Media & Comms

Clare Farrow

Fiona Campbell
Founder, Go Sisters Co-ordinator

Lyson Zulu
Mentor Co-ordinator, Zambia Liaison

Core programmes

Sponsorship, Dare2Dream career development loans,  libraries...read OUR WORK if you're looking for more information on our programmes                                            OUR WORK>


Umutima means 'from the heart ' - and this is why so many of our supporters and partners volunteer their free time to fundraise


mission & vision

We exist to provide opportunities for young people in Zambia to unlock their potential through education and sport

Meet our trustees

These are the guys and gals who make it happen. Click on the picture to read a full profile or to get in touch

Our last 10 years!