The name Friend of EduSport served us well during the early years of the charity; we were initially formed to support peer leaders and friends at EduSport Zambia through school to allow them to continue leading sports in their local communities.

The sponsorship programme continues, as does our unfaltering support for EduSport Zambia - but we have grown as a charity.

We now sponsor the school fees of over 40 young people. We’ve funded career development loans and year-long internships. We've sent over 35,000 books to Zambia to establish libraries, worked with a number of other NGOs – and we’re now building a school!

Whilst the work we do will continue, the time is right to change our name. Unlocking the potential of young people through education and sport remains at our very core and drives us forward – drives us from the heart, you might say. From the heart indeed – or UMUTIMA if you’re Zambian!

Love and hugs,


The story behind our name change

In March 2013, we received confirmation that we could change our name - from Friend of EduSport to Umutima.

We communicated the change to our valued supporters by email, on our old website, and we established a Twitter account. But what else has changed? 


What's in a name?


As a board we had become uncomfortable with the name Friend of EduSport as we felt it didn't wholly represent our work and values. The feeling was echoed by our supporters  - so we did something about it!